№ 59 - dOP

№ 59 - dOP
№ 59 - dOP

dOP love the night and all of its tempting promises: the dancing ecstasy, the absence of time and the weird pleasant flow of nocturnal creatures.

The French band loves to compose soundtracks for these nights, producing club music somewhere in the house spheres, that mirrors their teenage love of hip-hop, soul, funk and jazz, while mixing their influences with modern beatnik pop-not-pop vocals, organic slamming bass lines, a bunch of feverish howling wind instruments and many splendid jumping rhythms.

So far, they have released one album and numerous singles on labels such as Circus Company, Minor Modern, Dirt Crew, Watergate Recordings and Life And Death, feeding their global fan base with minimal house and far out electronic arrangements.

In 2016, founding member drummer Clement Zemstov left the trio and producer Damien Vandesande and singer Jonathan Illel continued as a global touring duo. Recently they have added a third member as they invited the musician and pianist Fabien Leseure to join them on stage for their live shows from India to Japan.

For EDWIN this month, beatsmith Damien Vandesande took some time off in his studio, closed the curtains, dimmed the lights and kicked back to produce a mix that combines chopped and screwed breakbeats, futuristic R&B and African polyrhythms with nuanced ambient soundscapes and early experimental electronics. Savour it!


Kid & Khan & Julee Cruise: You're The One
Prince Kongo: The Jungle (Prod. Oyinboy)
Prince Kongo: Are We All Alone (Prod. Oyinboy)
Sound of the Pygmies: Earth Bow
Corbin: Hunker Down
Josh Jukes: One Grain Of Sand
Invisible Conga People: In A Hole
Shigeto: ???
Raz Ohara: Counting Days (Nôze'n'DoP Mix)
Dani Siciliano: Gone Are The Days
Ezechiel Pailhes: How Long
Kid & Khan: "Laura's Day"
Lena Platonos: Shadow Of Blood
Invisible Conga People: Cable Dazed
Johnny Jewel: Prayer to Saint Therese feat Chloe Sevigny