№ 58 - DJ Hell

№ 58 - DJ Hell

A New Deutsch Mix curated for EDWIN by DJ Hell...

Do the jagged dance, be a shadow in trance... For some time now, new wave, goth, EBM, minimal wave and Synth-pop are hip again. For long-standing German producer, DJ, label runner and disco dancer, DJ Hell, the dark wave never ended.

In all of his years as a highly acclaimed acid, house, electro and techno DJ, he has never forgotten the days when he first got hooked on music. The days when Klaus Nomi showed that humans can be aliens, the nights when Suicide screamed at Franky Teardrop and the No More mornings when the Suicide Commando arrived.

On his countless EPs and albums, including his latest release, "Zukunftsmusik" you can find traces of the sound that made him a devoted music lover and DJ. Over a decade ago, DJ Hell showed his lifelong passion for German electro, Synth-pop, industrial and minimal wave with the compilation "New Deutsch", that he released on his very own label, International Deejay Gigolo Records and features innovative German music from 1979-1995.

This month, DJ Hell has produced an exclusive mix for EDWIN that links his 2003 compilation with the old, new sound of today with imaginary jagged dance grooves full of ice cold sweat and dust-dry tears.


Weltklang: VEB Heimat
Neon: Neon
Grauzone: Film 2
Der Plan: Commerce Exterieur Mondial Sentimentale
Gleitzeit: Ich Komme Aus Der DDR
No More: Suicide Commando
Stratis: Herzlos
Christof Glowalla: Erde 80
Eiskalte Engel: Kinder Aus Asbest
DAF: Tanz Mit Mir
Za Za:  Zauberstab
Keine Ahnung: Plastik
Die Gesunden: Die Gesunden Kommen
Fehlfarben: Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran)
Der Plan: Leb Doch
Pyrolator: Max
Blindgänger: Spiel Ohne Worte
Pyrolator: Die Haut Der Frau
Grauzone: Eisbär
Pyrolator:Ein Weihnachtsmann Kommt In Die Disko
Die Hornissen: Zeittunnel